The Mind Gym

I am not usually to be found among the self help and “will yourself better” bookshelves but The Mind Gym came to me by way of recommendation and since it drops in to my occasional tweets for book recommendations I thought I might  blog a little about what the book is, and isnt.

The Mind Gym  is not a cover to cover manual that you’ll be picking and and reading through to the end. Its a series of short chapters which cover particular aspects and ideas related to beliefs, attitude, ideas, perception and consideration. Each chapter represented by a letter represents a particular work out for the mind. Assembling those chapters can provide a work out routine specific to a goal.

For example if your goal is to  “Get what you want” then The Mind Gym suggests:

  • A – Lucky you
  • B – The hardest argument
  • C – New Chapter
  • D – In Charge
  • E  – Jump Start
  • G – Influence
  • K – My Honest opinion
  • Q – Let juices flow
  • R – Creativity for logical thinkers
  • S – Creativity for free thinkers
  • T – Creativity for wannabe daydreamers
  • — concluded with a final chapter on “The beginning”

Each chapter lays out the concept of what you are seeking to change or understand and then provides advice on how to implement and observe those concepts in practice.

The writing is light enough to be a coffee table read and the content can be dipped in and out just as easily so theres no pressure to perform or complete a task in order to feel like you are learning.  I am fairly sure you may see some of the chapters reflected in posts over on Lifehacker and in many similar books however its the presentation and the selectiveness of its topics that keep The Mind Gym on my more regularly accessed books list.

Get The Mind Gym  on your reading list today and drop back here to give me your feedback on the books success.

The Mind Gym

Thanks for reading.

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