Ultra Mobile Conversations

Yes  you guessed it I am at another Unconference;


You get a sense of the immediacy and intimacy of social networking at these sort of events. There are the usual collection of faces from the Social Media Circles. Christian Payne and Phil Campbell are hall hovering ( frankly a smart move for any Unconference ) whilst  promoting the Seesmic event that is Harrison Ford, Steve Speilberg and others talking about the new Indiana Jones Movie. Jasonn Jarret is presenting from his own experiences in Podcasting and PCM Creative are currrently sharing experiences on Second Life.

Im using this day to experiment with using Ultramobile laptops such as my EEE PC900 to speed blog and post content and so far the battery life and connectivity has been  excellent.

Media Camp kick offMedia Camp kick offToby from Sleepydog

Now its time for me to get ready for my presentation on fishing in your twitter stream. The presentation has been created using the EEE PC and will be displayed straight from it as well.

Thanks for reading.

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