Like getting Oil from a Snake.

if there is one thing that is sure to get the Marketing and PR crowd debating then  it is the conversation over Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ).

Everyone has a different stand on the topic with opinions from “its snake oil and magic sauce” to “a genuine mechanism for improving site performance.”

If you would like to hear an honest and direct answer to the value of SEO and the success, failures and opportunities in marketing campaigns and SEO then go talk to  Jeremy Spiller ( MD of White Hat Media ).

Jeremys approach and his explanation of  SEO, Pay per Click  and Alerts  is a frank and  honest  interpretation of what SEO delivers.  If you get the chance ask him to explain Pay Per Click and in 5 minutes you’ll have a better understanding of “if you need it” than 1hour of listening to many other agencies.

I spoke to Jeremy at the Microbiz event and asked him about the future for SEO.

Thanks for reading and listening.

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1 Comments on “Like getting Oil from a Snake.

  1. Interesting. You know i am always amazed at how many people are willing and accomodating to imprmptu interviews via cell phone these days. It really is a great enhancment to an article. Qik has really started something.