Rich Ninja or Samurai Philanthropist ?


Pure unadulterated fanboy rants are exhausted in this post !


Its been years since I felt any level of bladder jolting excitement over the release of a new film.

I cant recall when last I watched a trailer and was left feeling those wonderful giddy “Oh Cool!” moments. So writing this particular post is hard work if only because as I write it I have to confess that I am getting all types of excitable just thinking about going to see it.

Iron Man has been one of those Superheroes that at first glance many dismissed. Its just a guy in a suit right ? Isnt Batman just a guy in a Suit ? For that matter arent many of them just guys ( or gals ) in suits ?

Having written a very long commentary about why Iron Man as a comic book hero is far more interesting than Batman. I wanted to blog a little [ yeah like I blog a little ! ] about Iron Man and why this is the movie I want to see this year.

Tony Stark, the man inside the suit that isIron Man , is very much like Bruce Wayne. He is the rich playboy character and who has some clever gadgets that let him pull off all sorts of comic book heroic stunts.

The character of Tony Stark and the story within Iron Man is far more interesting because his battles are with his own decisions and how they affect the people around him. Its not about battling some crazy Heath Robinson styled villians which Batman inevitably encounters. The stories in the Iron Man universe reflect the chracters use of intellect and technology to resolve conflicts. Though of course I got my first experiences to Iron man from reading “The Invincible Iron Man Extremis” so im quite possibly biased in what the story means to me.

So what has got me excited about Iron Man ?

Effects wise the Iron Man suit is perfect for story telling in a visual medium Its got action movie material stamped all over its little iron butt . Any movie that features “a man vs a tank” and still gives you the feeling that Iron Man wasnt even breaking a sweat is going to kick off all those classic “Hell Yeah” and “Punch the air”, “Whoop it up” feelings.

And is the writing going to let us down, I think not from such great lines as ;

“Lets face it its not the worst thing youve caught me doing!”

As for placing Robert Downey Jr in the role of Tony Stark there has never been a more opportune casting since Patrick Stewart played Professor X or Hugh Jackman played Wolverine.

Right then. I am done. I am over heated and all excited and bouncing off the walls with glee im looking forward to Iron Man in a way I havent done since Starwars and thats … a Cool Feeling.

Thanks for reading

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4 Comments on “Rich Ninja or Samurai Philanthropist ?

  1. Hiya, just wondered if you were aware of people using the ‘No Script’ plugin for Firefox?
    I do and when I come to your site these days I have a list as long as your arm to enable for your site!
    Just wondered what you thoughts on this are?
    I took a screen shot of the list I get, you can see it here…


  2. Hello Peter.

    I think that looking at your link the core Post on my blog is visible so I would say its a good win for both of us.

    Given than many readers ( okay 55 so far ) are subscribing to my blog via a RSS subscriptions they probably dont visit my site directly.

    The rest that visit my site are likely as not to be in the category of surfing without that much script protection in place.

    Everyone is free to use as much or as little protection to make themselves as Bullet proof as Iron Man just as long as they can see what I have written in the core post then I am happy.

    May I recommend Lynx as a browser that might give you the ultimate in protection though ?

  3. Despite (or maybe because of) having been a huge fan of the comics, I’m somewhat ambivalent about the film.. there are so many ways in which they could screw it up.

    Having said that, it looks like they’ve been pretty true to the comics in a lot of ways.. so maybe it’ll work out.

    What OS d’ya think the suit runs? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Yeah, but Bruce Wayne is a gloomy fuck who puts on a good act at being a playboy. Stark IS a playboy.

    Howard Hughes in a flying tank with a drink problem.

    I think that’s why Robert Downey Jr is such good casting.

    Also Batman Begins was awesome right up until the point he put the suit on. Then it became just another Batman movie.

    Bats is what Warren Ellis charmingly describes as an underwear pervert and Iron Man can kick his ass on any day of the week ๐Ÿ™‚