From U(buntu) to Me.

2007 has been a long, long year for me. It began with an idea about changing names and changing images and ended with a complete change of career direction.

It began as it had for many years past with my involvement in the Ubuntu and open source community and with my focus on providing support to Small and Medium Sized Businesses for their IT requirements. I got involved in Digg, Twitter, Facebook and a number of Social Networks and I began to realise that Social networks were formative in how the Web2.0 world was going to change the internet. I began blogging and writing and twittering more and more about social networks and communities and then I realised there was a legitimate career change for me which would use my core technical skills alongside an understanding of Communities and networks.

Clearly my desire to be involved in communities was not to be restricted to the net alone as I stood up to be counted in a Local Parish Election in April and as a result became a Parish Councillor for North Horsham. Whilst I realised I knew a number of people locally the election result came as a surprise to many people and added to my desire to focus more on how I could use my understanding of networks, communities and communication to bring a benefit to the local community in which I live.

I have made some great new Friends and some wonderful online friends through this social network year and Phil Campbell is quite correct – they each deserve a blog entry to themselves, however I’d like to take this exit of 2007 to say thank you to each of the following and if you feel left out please forgive me but there’s so many, many, many of you!

Jeremiah OwYang who taught me to think more about the scope and the delivery than about the medium and the message, who showed me a breadth in marketing which I had never considered before. Jeremiah you educate me daily sir.

Robert Scoble who taught me to start learning to love sharing and making public my own life and not being afraid of the Web2.0. Robert you made me better informed.

Chris Brogan who shared with me the value of constructively being involved in the community and creating value from your conversations and discussions. Chris you taught me to focus on the value in our actions.

Jeff Pulver who gave me a few breaks and opened a channel for me to get involved in the community. Who treated my contributions with consideration and time and for whom I would not have realised the value in my blogging. Jeff you made me a better businessman.

Phil Campbell who showed me that you could create and inspire quality from very little beginnings. Phil you continue to make me ask “What would Phil Campbell do ?”

Christian Payne ( Documentally ) whose humanity and courage and experience opened my eyes to the possibilities that the “Podcast” community could be active in understanding technology’s impact on our society.

Jason Jarrett whose insight and understanding and patience is always stunning to me. Jason you’ve shown me how to seek a stillness in a crazy idea.

Richard Azia . Richard has an incredible eye for opportunity and places and conversations and has encouraged me to be more vocal and to be more involved in creating content. Richard you gave me confidence to be out there, thank you.

Sharon Butler ( My Wife ) Whose patience, confidence and administration of me has enabled me to focus more on the wide pictures whilst she keeps me targeted on the goals. Sharon you’re continually awesome to me, I love you, thank you.

To the rest, the readers, the contributors the commenters and the subscribers thank you for making this year so incredible.

Thank you for reading.

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2 Comments on “From U(buntu) to Me.

  1. Honestly, you’ve done SO MUCH in 2007, and I have many memories of your great contributions to this space and to humanity and general.

    But they are ALL overshadowed by your demonstration of being the LOUDMOUTHMAN at PodCamp Boston 2. I remember you VIVIDLY with your booming drill voice, and I get a big smile.

    Happy 2007 to you, and onward!