Want to see something , Different ?

I am setting my alarm clock for OMG Early hundred hours Thursday morning all because something interesting in Live action Web broadcast events is occuring. Synchrons.tv is broadcasting 35 every day from Wednesday to Sunday this week at 9pm PDT. They have been trailing and teasing the community of Facebook and Youtube with short snippets that until recently had little context on which to base them. Now with the short precis provided by Kathryn Jones I know this is to be a drama and a thriller and a tale of dark secrets and undiscussed pasts.

You can see the first promo of 35 here on YouTube.

The show will be broadcast live on Ustream.TV and will be available to watch afterwards as part of the library of recordings in Ustream. Further since the show will be creating quite a bit of live content on three separate cameras there is an invitation to take and mash the content and create new ideas and media.Heres your opportunity to watch a live play streamed and live edited , from three cameras, into your browser with the added features of being able to discuss the show and the event and the content as it broadcasts. I am looking forward to seeing all my readers in the chat room at Ustream.TV tonight.

Thanks for reading.

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