The EU Antitrust case against Microsoft.

Monday 17th September is going to be one of those days which tagline writers just live for.

“No matter who wins… we lose.”

As discussed on Engadget and available to tune into live as well as discussed on various news sites and most likely reported in an informed fashion by the Open Rights Group, Microsoft will discover tomorrows the verdict , the final one ( possibly again ) in the ongoing European Antitrust case.

If it looses and Europe is enabled with many new ways to penalise and encourage Microsoft to conform and play well with other kids in the playground. We can expect an extension of the usual recalcitrant  sulky kid routine as Microsoft finds ways to make Windows less workable all as part of its “We just doing what we were told to do”  mentality. As an example lets see how much fun Internet Explorer became after it lost the Patent case for click and run ActiveX components.  In short more users will spend more time asking their tech support people why things are not working as they expected.  Which incidentally whilst amazingly fluid and simple has also been an absolute mindfield of management and security hassles.

If it wins and Europe is no longer able to press for conditions and penalties to force them into compliance with playing well then we are faced with the Bully that got away with it. With little or no strictures on their performance and delivery they will be pacing the playground demanding ever more lunch money and expecting even more tributes in place of menaces. It will be wonderful news for the consumer but awful news for progress, innovation and creativity.

I could possibly be being a little but chicken little about this  but my experiences of supporting this monster have never been pleasant ( even if they have been profitable ) ones.

The only ones who win Tommorow are news media , bloggers and podcasters and thousands upon thousands of forums. So I am getting mine in early!

Thanks for reading.

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