Looking great was never this much fun.

Nik Butler mugshotIts been mentioned before, but I am not someone who shies from publicity or comment. I enjoy being able to express an opinion and add to the conversations and ideas that are part of the whole Social Networking community. So it was timely indeed that through the London Twitter meetup I met Scott Collier.

One of my clients had asked me for a “professional” photograph for their website and as a number of Social networks make use of a headshot as part of your profile image it was the obvious question to ask of Scott, could he photograph me and make me seem interesting.

Scotts’ Shop in the centre of London is surrounded by fantastic alleys and buildings and despite the , rather persistent, grey England skies and fine British drizzle ( a type of rain that permeates everything ) we headed out and round the corner to see what Scott could achieve.Nik Butler mugshot

There I stood, posing, grinning , mugging and leaning forward and stretching my neck all the while Scotts assistant reflected the light from a Golden covered sheet into my face. The fact that people get paid to stand and pose and pout and be pished around for hours on end like this astounds me. After 10 minutes I was feeling more than a little self concious ( yes it happens ) and the passing members of public kept trying to work out why a really bad Christian Slater look alike was in London at all.

The results I am more than pleased with. I have an upto date and interesting collection of images and headshots which I can use and include in the media that is Loudmouthman. So this post is a long way of saying thank you to Scott Collier and his Team for creating Images and opportunities for business content.

Scott Collier has two websites, the main portfolio gallery as well as his Wedding site ” Weddings I do “. He has also joined the Twitter Community under the twitter name scottthephoto.

You can  see a select collection of images on my Flickr Site here  http://www.flickr.com/photos/theloudmouthman/

Thanks for Reading.

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1 Comments on “Looking great was never this much fun.

  1. Hey, I want to have my own personal blog like you, but separate from my `business persona’ at CertainShops. Which blog software should I use? The Google one, WordPress, or is there something better?

    I shall be getting some new photos WITHOUT my trademark glasses to differentiate me from my CertainShops blogs, and I shall be using the lovely Scott Collier too (and getting him to take some photos as well).