Ubuntu does not have to stop at the Operating System

One of the core reasons I am involved and contribute as productively as possible to the Ubuntu Community is its Ethos.

I have a very strong opinion that everyone should be enabled to provide and support each other and use their skills and successes to provide support to the community around them. This isnt something that can be mandated by a Government or enforced by a committee.  The action of helping your neighbour or a stranger goes a  long way to ensuring that your own community benefits and grows.

Another community to which I belong that shares this philosophy is Grasshoppers,  how I became involved and why I am posting this article is a long tail. However since I get grief for my lengthy posts I will keep this to a couple of paragraphs.

Many are familiar with another Ubuntu member, book author and all round community good guy Schwuk. His blogs carry a sense of day to day work and learning experiences shared with others.Whether he is Cleaning house or  discussing his pride in a recent book release you feel that as a Ubuntu Member and social media advocate Schwuk is a person youd want to spend the day with and just shoot the breeze ( yes I use Facebooks compare people application ! ) . His attention to community and its relevance pointed me in the direction of  Chris Brogan and the Grasshopper community.

I have made some great new contacts and friends through this community especially over the twitter network such as Susan Reynolds and her Case notes from an artsy asylum.  Her blogging and twittering , like Schwuks are ever interesting and informative and I am glad we met.

All because of Ubuntu, because of Social networks, because of the conversations we have I make a new friend and new associate. One within and one without the Open Source community. This involvement and this introduction helps spread the conversation about open source ever wider and ever more into the every day conversations of potential end users.

If Jono was blogging about this I am sure he would say it was “Awesome”, as for me I would like to say :

Thanks for reading.

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