Answering where I can.

Thanks for your comments on the last Loudmouthlectures. I was going to type a fairly lengthy reply and then I thought It might be easier to just record the response and provide it here.

The above Ustream.TV video was not working for many, many people. So I have re-recorded this over at

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4 Comments on “Answering where I can.

  1. Hi!
    I couldn’t listen to your video because the stream was terrible, it was broken in both audio and video.
    I have a 2MB 20:1 ADSL connection and watch YouTube a lot with no problems.
    Maybe you have posted it to YouTube where I could listen?


  2. I couldn’t get it working at work on Windows, with either IE or Firefox.

    Works fine at home on Ubuntu tho – at least the first few seconds. Will listen to the whole thing when I’ve got time..