It really is about the Pipes!

In a recent Blog post by Mr Remnant he was pondering on things he would like to see in Edgy+1.

One of the topics sychronization is a constant bug-bear for those of us with desktops in various locations, Answers to this problem so far have included :

There is however a new project on the horizon . The Gnome Conduit project is a “yet another” attempt to answer the schronization issues of multiple working environments I hope it gets the attention and support that such a project deserves.

Thanks for reading.

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1 Comments on “It really is about the Pipes!

  1. Keeping everything synchronized can be a major chore: I have an Ubuntu laptop, a PC that might be running Ubuntu or Gentoo depending on when it was last rebooted, and a USB drive that runs FOSS on a firewalled Windows machine.

    Google’s sync extension can help with Firefox, but I keep having to log into a remote machine and/or mount another partition and transfer files manually.

    Anybody who comes up with a quick, easy, reliable, multi-platform synchronizer will certainly find himself running a very popular project!