Think of the Children

So its that time of the year again and BBC Children In Need rolls around this year I feel we have a group ( UKTeam ) whose contribution would extend to involvement with just such an event. As some may already be aware we recently attended an Linux World Expo and ran one heck of a stand. As part of this process we had a Conference TShirt or two spare and I suggested that everyone on the stand, or involved with Canonical and Ubuntu, that we could find should sign the Tshirt.

Well I think we managed to get every UKTeam member whom was at the show , plus a few canonical staff and I believe Mark Shuttleworth will be signing it as well. The TShirt is coming back to me on the 20th of November and I have put up a page that allows people to bid for the TShirt complete with all those signatures. The winning bid will goto Children In Need.

There are so many charity events that run every year in the UK and I think, maybe, we miss the opportunity to raise funds and be productive in the opensource community, this time Id like to think we did our bit for Children In Need.

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