Promoting the Power of a Penguin.

It never gets tiring doing these shows, every month at  Worthing the members of the Sussex Linux User Group book a table at the British Computer Fair at the Charmandean Centre and we talk and promote Open Source Software and the local Linux User Group. We have been doing this for a few years now and to a certain extent we have the process down but a few changes occur and the more interesting one was todays. We have for a long time promoted the use of Knoppix Live CD however since Ubuntu LTS has now been released it is a far more tempting offer. The Ubuntu distro and the surrounding flavours enable us to provide a wider scope of discussion and allow more experienced visitors to consider a distribution which will provide better community support and integration with gadgets. Finally , and the winner for me, Kubuntu is frankly prettier on the eye to the new Linux user. Certainly as you can see from the picture below we do not have any shortage of flyers or literature and the interest in the group continues.

Stand Layout

We had some interesting questions asked such as Linux for gaming and are there any good share price tracking tools available. Interestingly enough there are a few people who were at the show because they were looking to upgrade from Windows ME or 95. I found these were the easiest to discuss Linux with since its a great fit or the average home user who wants to just surf, email and play a few basic games. The venue also gives  another opportunity to allow members to meet and  resolve issues that are affecting their hardware.

Dobbo and John

At the end of the day we moved a few Kubuntu and Knoppix CDs , roughly 15  and had a few new faces at the stand who stopped by to talk Linux . Thanks to everyone ( Steven, Steve, Colin, John, Mark and Neil ) who helped in this months show and if your reading this and can get the chance to drop in next month then it will be the 3rd of December and we would love to say hello.

Thanks for reading.

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