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In this weeks BNI 60 Second slot I will be promoting an application which will enable the management of business information. Every Blog I find that occasionally a few members return here to look up other Free and Open Source products that I have promoted during my 60 Second pitch . Ive been involved in the BNI for a fraction of time compared to my have involvement with free and open source software. If your interested in visiting the Flagship chapter at Gatwick Copthorne Millenium then send me an email. But for now heres the product I was talking about.


Sometimes an idea becomes so shrouded in buzzwords and abbreviations that it no longer becomes clear what its purpose was. TinyERP has a small name but lots of power. To avoid the usual buzzword bingo that when trying to explain what it does I will try to use a simple paragraph to explain.

TinyERP will let you manage how you sell, how you get paid and how your business works. All the extra stuff about CRM and ERP is another way of saying how it will look after your Clients and keep track of your buying and selling.

TinryERP Web Page

I saw recently saw this software demonstrated at an expo in London and I was impressed by what it offered and how well it operated. Ive approached a few clients and asked them to review the site and to consider how well the product would fit their needs at short notice. These sort of applications are often so big its like buying a book on time management and never having time to read it. So having access to all the source code and not having to pay some extortionate entry fee just to use the software can change a customers perception on the cost of implementing this software.

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