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I never thought of my self as competitive but lately I have found myself becoming challenged to do more in the Open Source Community. So here is a question, is being competitive within the spirit of Ubuntu ?

I decided it was time that I committed to the code of conduct and since this is something which I would not enter into lightly I have been reading the wording and considering what it really means to me. So irrespective that many might consider this a blatant attempt to pad my Blog with content for the next week I want to look at the wording as it exists now and discuss what I really understand is intended and what I am agreeing to. I will commit to signing the document and returning it at the end of this process and I would be interested in knowing of others and what there feelings were towards the aspects of Ubuntu and the Code of Conduct. So on with the wording.

Be Considerate
Your work will be used by other people, and you in turn will depend on the work of others. Any decision you take will affect users and colleagues, and we expect you to take those consequences into account when making decisions. For example, when we are in a feature freeze, please don’t upload dramatically new versions of critical system software, as other people will be testing the frozen system and will not be expecting big changes.”

On first glance I dismissed this as “something for the coders” but that was a feeling most probably enforced through the example. Since my own Blog is published here , on the Ubuntu-UK and Lugradio planets Im more than ever aware that my comments and thoughts may affect someonelses view for good or bad. When I post to the Forums or the Mailing list I am seeking not to deter or undermine the value or position of a contributor since I am aware that this occurs, even to my own contributions. Ive certainly posted on this before and experienced how a lack of consideration can deter people from becoming involved. Most notable to me is the effect of other community members posting in their Blogs ( hello Mr Pope ! ) and on the Mailing lists and how this challenges me to do more and become more involved. Through their actions and attitudes I find that I become more involved in the community.

A Business Coach I know called Bob Kessler of RNRCoaching gave me the clearest insight into the value of consideration . In engaging Bobs advice he made it clear that one of the things he required of any client was that they “Consider”.

Its one word that when reading that section of the Code of Conduct resonates with importance of how an action will affect and effect another individual and certainly an idea to consider.

Thanks for reading.

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