New Gadgets, Same problems.

Dear mobile phone manufacturers,


Id first like to thank you for all the wonderful new gadgets which you have added to my mobile phone since first I ever purchased one. Who would have thought that i would need a camera, an mp3 player, an arcade machine and a diary all in one device.


Since I received my Sony Ericsson p990i, I marvel at the technology all jammed into one tiny space. Apart from allowing me to make phone calls and SMS my friends you have crammed many more features without which I can no longer survive. Let me detail those new items which I consider killer apps.


  1. Wifi
    Finally I can check emails and the web without running up those rather costly per MB call charges.

  2. Opera Web Browser
    A real web browser finally allows me real world access to the net , now please let WAP die quickly.

  3. RSS Feed reader
    Thanks for keeping up with the trends. This little tool is now configured with all my favorite blogs. Between this and the above I rarely open the laptop in the morning to check the news.

  4. Burst mode image capture on photo
    Pure genius if you ask me. If you’ve ever tried to capture the moment with a digital camera you will know how frustrating the speed or its lack can be . So enabling me to capture 4 images in a row is a godsend.



With all this innovation why do I still feel constrained and bound to my computer?

You have given me a mobile device and then shackled me to the desktop. Why when the Internet is at its most connected have you not considered an on line service for syncing and sharing my phone information. Why am I still locked into using Outlook(express) as a client for managing contacts. Why does all my data end up locked into a proprietary format hidden from access from all my other applications and services ? Why cant you give me the option to access my phones content directly with a browser ?


I am witting this letter to ask you to consider the following features


Open Connectivity.

Now my phone can join my computer network, there is little reason not to allow me to generate a Secure Certificate and Secure user name and password to connect to it. If Credit card data for thousands of users can secure my privacy why not the same technology to provide an interface ( https maybe ) to my phone from a browser. This also reduces the need to provide “included software” to access and manage the phone.

Internet based Data Connectivity and Synchronisation.

My phone can access the net via GPRS, 3G , Bluetooth and Wifi. Why don’t you sell me a service to enable me to upload and store and manage my phones data. This service integrated with the on board browser of the phone frees me from my desktop. Please keep this service open to allow me to acces it via all my mail clients ( outlook to thunderbird ) and to share it with my other on line services.


So how about it, w ould you big corporations consider the freedom to move and be mobile a feature which would benefit your customers, your products and your bottom line ?


Thanks for Reading.

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