Every week customers ask me to recommend computer server, workstation and peripherals. Im quite often asked what would I buy or what would I use ? Since I still have not gotten around to creating my own website for the business of Reduced Hackers I might as well place some book marks and detail them here.
Now there is absolutely no warranty given on this advice they are my opinions after all. Im quite sure that others could and most likely would disagree with my choices. If I discover a choice which works for my clients and works for me and as a rule just works then it goes on this list.

And again .. Thanks for Reading.


Currently the best deals on personal laptops can be had by visiting Currys and Staples and just buying the range of Fujitsu Amilo laptops priced around £500 (inc ).

If you want to buy something for the workplace and for the more regular business user the Dell Inspiron 640m and 6400 range are excellent.


Remember to buy XP Pro when ordering these Machines. Unfortunately you cannot order these without an Operating System pre installed so Ubutnu does not ship on them.

For a simple workstation the Dell Optiplex Range 210L workstations are the best.


For Ubuntu File and Print Servers you have a couple of choices.

For Simple small networks and file and print services the Poweredge SC430 is suitable for non Microsoft roles. For Microsoft roles you will need more power just to drive the operating system so consider the Poweredge 830

For rack mounted and more powerful servers get the Poweredge 2950

Many printers do not ship with USB or Network cables so remember to order a spare cable when ordering.


HP to me have always been synonymous with Laserjets. its been a pleasant surprise to discover the HP8450 as a Colour inkjet printer. Its 20 page per minute output and the built in card reader dont require you to run this printer connected to any computer at all.

For more robust office environment the HP K550DTN All in One Inkjet printer adds networking and 37 page per minute printing.

Laser Jets

The ML2010 has a fast 20 Page per minute with a 150 Page paper tray and has a superb speed and quality of output. Considering its almost throw away price this printer pulls no punches in delivering print jobs. Ive had no problem running this under Ubuntu or Windows. This laserjet printer requires a USB cable to connect.

For Lightweight network printing the HP 1022N provides workgroup black and white laserjet printing. Alternatively for a larger , slower but more colourful out put you can look to the HP2600N

For smaller workgroup and departmental level printing I recommend the HP2430N with multitray and network printing.

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