Gaim : Messaging in a Bottle.

GAIM : Messages in a bottle.

GAIM is an instant messenger available in Windows and Linux which enables you to join and chat to a variety of Chat servers from MSN Messenger, Yahoo, AOL, Google. All under one application . Making it easier to manage and maintain contact with customers whom may choose a variety of differing service providers.


What GAIM offers is a complete sand boxing, and therefore security , of your chat sessions with colleagues. Since many of the automated and autonomous scripts launched by the other chat applications will not be launched you ensuring that your conversations and your content is safe from unwanted intrusions and trojans.


Gaim however is more than just another chat client. It is possible to build a complete support and communication and networking tool around this versatile and imaginative application which may enable your or your clients business an alternative mechanism with which to contact you and gain access to your services.


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